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Combining their training in applied arts, arts and crafts, multimedia and architecture Léa & Nicolas give shape to objects and sculptures in stoneware, placing their work at the intersection of these disciplines.

While having worked for several years as a graphic designer and architectural technician, their ceramics practice developed in parallel and began with coil sculpture.

Driven by the freedom allowed by the clay to give shape and inspired by the structural principles of architecture they immerse themselves in formal research, balance and assemblage, pushing the complexity and the rigor of the shapes while keeping the simplicity of materials, red stoneware (the least processed clay commercially available) and the coil technique. The result is a series of sculptures with unglazed surfaces, sometimes polished, rough or sanded .

In 2016, motivated by both the desire to replace their own dishes that neither the practical nor aesthetic fills them, they start making functional ware. Coffee dripper, double-walled bowl and cups, fermentation crock were the first objects.

Their practice explores both the sculptural and functional aspect of objects with an aesthetics coming from a desire to make objects as elegant as tactile.

The realization of each object is animated by the harmony between its functional and sculptural properties as well as by the idea that it will be manipulated, used on a daily basis by others.